Demand Letter Writing

The Legal Base is skilled at pulling together all the elements of an effective draft

The Legal Base well understands what significant role a demand letter plays for your negotiation and in the court rooms, if necessary. Our Demand Letter Writing Team has experience of writing demand letters for all types of personal injury cases, across all types of law firms, for all states of the United States.

The team is formed of Attorneys and Medical Doctors that meticulously study the case files and tailor them according to who the recipient is. While all demand letters have the same format but with having written thousands of them, TLB’s team can easily adapt to a law firm’s style and very specifically to an Attorney’s style too.

As time is the critical aspect for a demand letter, TLB’s team can turnaround the drafts as quickly as within 24 hours even for large cases. Our demand letters are drafted in such a way that it helps the adjuster to help the law firms.  

Our Capabilities

  • Study the police report, insurance documents, medical records and bills, wage loss records and damage estimates to prepare an effective claim statement. 
  • Briefly review and confirm the sequence of events that led to the dispute. 
  • Establish the liability on the adverse party and make him/her legally responsible for claimant’s injuries. 
  • Study and corroborate the nature of the injuries that are relevant to the contemplated action. 
  • Substantiate the symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the injuries based on the records available 
  • Establish the Impairment/disability (description about the disability to the claimant). 
  • Residuals (brief description of the activities which the claimant was able to do before the accident and cessation of the same because of the accident/incident). 
  • Assess the long-term pain and emotional trauma.  
  • Craft the best arguments carefully as the substance held there may amount to civil and/or criminal liability. 
  • We prepare the skeletal demand letters well ahead of the settlement date and update it with new records as per requirements. 

Types and Categories of Demand Letters

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents  
  • Car Accidents 
  • Bike Accidents 
  • Truck Accidents 
  • Rail Accidents 
  • Pedestrian versus Motor Vehicles Accidents 
  • Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall Incidents (example: incidents on road/potholes, public premises, private premises, snow/water, etc.) 
  • Dog Bite cases  
  • Medical Malpractice Cases (example: nursing home abuse, pressure sore, frequent fall in care facility, wrongful death, misdiagnosis, obstetrics, and gynaecology etc.,) 
  • Minors/Deceased  
  • Complex Demand Letters (example: multiple injuries and treatments, multiple accidents, extensive prior injuries, psychological issues, etc.).  
  • The ability to free up in-house paralegals and attorneys to focus on core professional commitments  
  • Improved processes and efficiencies to decrease case life cycles and increase law firms’ bandwidth to take up more cases 
  • Improve efficiency and turn-around time for law firms and ensure long term cost reductions 
  • Deployment of law graduates and medico legal personnel to supply the best crafted demands  
  • Technical and administrative support to perfect efficiency 
  • Skillful deployment of proper personnel for knowledge management and compliance tasks 
  • Ability to manage scale for large projects or short-term assignments 
  • Choice of dedicated team members for on-going support to create an extension of your in-house team 
  • Multi-shore capabilities for flexibility with timelines and specialized ability 
  • Faster turnaround service return for time sensitive projects (based on time zone)