TLB’s High Quality Medico Legal Services


TLB’s High-Quality Services By Top Attorneys and Doctors!

Medicolegal cases require effective, caring, and compassionate legal representation irrespective of the magnitude of the injuries. At TLB, the medical legal team or the medicolegal team includes practicing lawyers who have landmark judgments to their names and doctors that are associated with high profile forensic cases. Having worked in real time for the US, UK, and Canadian attorneys for decades, our team of doctors and lawyers have gained extensive experience from the personal injury law firms across jurisdictions in these regions. They can assist you with simple cases as well as complex cases like medical negligence, medical malpractice, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, and psychological issues to name a few. They read the reports and make notes of whether a patient was misdiagnosed or was given a wrong medication. The TLB medicolegal team is well informed about the legal terminologies involving the hospitals, doctors, rehabilitative centers, nursing homes nurses and all other specific areas pertaining to medical legal practice.  

Forensic Analysis is another specialized field, where TLB’s medicolegal team has provided value in their reports to law firms and attorneys especially at trial stages. Their qualifications and practice in clinical negligence have made them indispensable, and they are rated exceptionally by their professional peer groups. The team helps the law firms and attorneys to determine the causation and the magnitude of the damages sustained by a client by their effective reporting and demonstration through review of records.  

TLB’s medicolegal team regularly undergoes training to stay up to date with the laws and the processes of US, UK, and Canadian law firms. As a leading medicolegal service provider, our objective has always been to provide the highest levels of accuracy and faster turnaround of the assignments. As a result, the team promptly tunes themselves up with the law firms’ specific formats.  

There is a wide array of services that our medicolegal team offers to law firms.  By way of example, one of the services that we perform most is providing comprehensive medical summaries. For many law firms, we engage with hem from when a case is opened to handling their RFR process and finally writing the demand letters. By having first-hand access to the medical records, the team updates the summaries well ahead of time. This process makes the settlement stage quicker for an attorney too. The team drafts the skeleton demands simultaneously while doing the medical summaries. The TLB’s medicolegal team well knows how to write the liability section and the damages section, including the medical opinions in a settlement demand letter. Our experienced medical & legal experts organize the medical records and the other relevant records, provide a chronological layout of the facts, prepare the exhibits, and ensure the client’s position in your case is always ready on time. This saves your effort and costs. TLB has a well-structured process that provides a streamlined view of all the valuable information related to a case and note facts that may have gone unnoticed.  

Another service that we offer is forensic report analysis and writing evaluation reports for medical malpractice cases.  We base our reports on our review of the medical records and photographs and sometimes even our interview with the attorney’s client. The knowledge comes from both applied experience and medical literature combined with legal intelligence.  

Our team is a well-balanced mix of specialists from medical and legal fields that blends perfectly and brings the right skills and knowledge from one field of work to another. This helps when you have voluminous work and when things are unpredictable. For that reason, also, they can assist you at the trial stages of a case too. They understand the challenges and nuances of every case that they take up as they are attorneys themselves. They put their own thought processes in the files to make sure you have all the important documents and information for a case ready in a timely manner. Although only a few civil matters end in a trial, the backend support is still most important, and TLB’s medicolegal team has expertized themselves at that.  

Law firms, attorneys, and paralegals can depend on TLB as our infrastructure comprises the latest of technologies and has the most experienced lawyers, medical and IT professionals on board. Give it a go to this new medicolegal consulting where technology, knowledge and experience are meshed to give you the best in completing the tasks expeditiously.