Contract Management

A Reliable Team of Lawyers That Can Save Your Time, Effort and Costs!

Contracts are the backbone of business transactions and relationships. It is the most fundamental document for starting any business. A properly drafted contract helps the businesses function smoothly. However, the challenge always is managing the contracts and the voluminous documents associated with it.

The process, starting from its creation till the execution of a contract is cumbersome and tedious and most law firms seek an effective solution for it. TLB being a solutions specialist also, has created a contract team that consists of attorneys having practical experience of law and experts who possess extensive experience from the outsourcing industry. The team undergoes rigorous trainings on US, UK and Canadian processes post their selection so that they can easily adapt to any format assigned to them. In addition, the team is familiar with various platforms used by the law firms and corporates that is used to manage contracts, including the AI based platforms. 

The contract lawyers of TLB can aid law firms, corporates, and attorneys in numerous ways. Apart from rationalizing costs and helping business in increasing profits, TLB can also support you by providing a large team of trained and expert manpower who can deliver high-quality work much faster than the in-house team. Volume of work will never be a concern with TLB as your partner.  Having the advantage of operating out of the legal hub of India, we have access to many contract law professionals having years of practical knowledge. These lawyers have experience of practicing in the lower courts as well as in the highest court of India. TLB continuously aims at reducing contract management risks and aids you reap operational benefits. Our teams can help you with repetitive administrative tasks so you can focus more on your core work. 

The proficiency levels of the contracts team of TLB have been applauded by law firms and corporates both. The knowledge possessed by the team also comes widely from their experience of working with global legal process outsourcing (LPOs) companies. The team is a mix of senior attorneys and law graduates, so they can assist you with high-end work like, drafting and negotiating, as well as the simplest of tasks like, abstraction. The other element that complements this robust team structure is the tech automation team’s support. Together, they have the capability of providing assistance even with complex and multiparty contracts on AI platforms. Aside from these, this team can review and analyze contracts for specific compliance and deviations. They are proficient in sales contract, purchasing contracts, partnership agreements, employment contracts, real estate contracts and lease agreements to name a few. For some law firms, the team regularly also makes summarization of key information to save the time of the attorneys. The team keeps a track of the duration of the contracts and starts working and finalizing them much before the due date. They update the attorneys and the general counsels about any data or information that could have been missed previously and make those amendments or alterations which will keeps them at an advantage position. They alert you of key points in the contract that need to be adhered to at the specific time. Further, the team also has created numerous templates that are available on your fingertips.  

TLB follows well-coordinated and structured steps that makes sure all documents shared with the TLB team is safe and secured. We also duly sign a contract with our clients that details out the data transfer specificities. As a technology driven organization, we also provide advanced security solutions to manage your clients’ contract documents. Once the duration of contract is over or when they are not valid anymore, the team destroys those documents with the permission of the attorneys and the general counsels.

The Time-zone difference also gives the law firms in the US, Canada and even in UK a significant advantage. For example, US law firms can get solutions the next day. In the UK, you will have the assignments ready by the time you reach office. Our highly trained team can deliver assignments much ahead of time. They have conformed to strictest of deadlines comfortably. We give you round the clock support all 365 days a year, so try us and increase your productivity and profits!