Legal Outsourcing Industry


A Paradigm Shift in Working Processes of LPOs Was The Need of The Hour! 

The legal outsourcing industry has seen exponential growth in the past two decades. With South Asian nations like India still dominating this space, the years 2020 and 2021 saw the outsourcing companies redefining the alternative legal services.

The US, the UK, and other European countries’ attorneys opened themselves to the latest technology offerings by these Alternative Legal Services Providers, which helped them maintain their businesses and revenues even during worldwide lockdowns. The law firms and corporates were looking for solutions that could make them hassle-free from the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. The legal process outsourcing companies (LPOs) worked relentlessly to make remote working seamless without compromising on quality. Realistic solutions were put together and were proposed to the law firms and corporate law departments by the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) companies. It was a win-win situation and made work ties and relationships stronger across geographies between LPOs and corporates and the law firms.  

TLB did a lot of market research and established itself as a Legal Solutions Partner in its own right rather than being present as just another proposition in this vast industry. TLB tried to keep itself out of the highest-price and lowest-price bid brackets and concentrated on customer satisfaction and its own capabilities. Cost offerings by TLB have always been competitive, so TLB only dedicated itself in understanding the pains of the attorneys, general counsels and the paralegals during the lockdown and addressed those. TLB focused on building teams that had worked in the outsourcing industry for decades, so our clients didn’t need to spend a lot of time training TLB’s resources. However, lack of appropriate planning and technology solutions generally leads to wastage of trained resources any day. The use of technology combined with experience and knowledge provides efficient services and that expedites the assignments eventually. TLB’s tech team put efforts to provide end-to-end solutions that benefitted the law firms and corporates immensely. Our clients are cognizant of these efforts and reposed their faith in us, which motivated us further. While there is no denying that most large law firms had the money and resources to sustain themselves, they still needed an outsourcing partner to help them maintain their businesses due to uncertainties around their own resources. TLB provided specialized and curated services to these large law firms and worked closely with the attorneys and paralegals to speed up processes. TLB’s teams reviewed every single file in the cases assigned to them and maintained checklists and organized everything for the attorneys. For the medium and small law firms, TLB stepped up and supported them round the clock on all days by deploying additional resources at predictable costs. TLB shifted its paradigm from being just a simple cost-saving another ALSP to a valuable partner, which provided process automation solutions and specialized teams to its clients. While for some law firms, we became their back-office support and for some others we were strategic and high-end partners. We made ourselves capable of managing complex cases with least of assistance from the paralegals and case managers. We took ownership of the files and directly interacted with the law firm’s clients as an employee of the law firm. This reassured the law firms that we have the right experience to perform each and every task and were resilient enough to meet the standards set out by the attorneys.  

Traditionally, the range of services that was outsourced by the law firms to countries like India pertained to medicolegal, immigration, contract lifecycle management, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and electronic discovery but the estate lawyers and other civil litigation practitioners also saw a lot of benefit in outsourcing their processes.

As TLB is a business-driven organization too so innovation has always been the top priority. TLB has done away with the old and redundant methods of outsourcing services and has adapted to new technologies to accelerate your practice and boost your profits. Alongside the expert teams and the tech teams, TLB has project managers, quality analysts and client services managers to provide a holistic support rather than just helping you with repetitive manual and administrative work.   

TLB has always respected the distinct cultures of your countries and have tried to educate themselves well about the people with whom they work. These have particularly helped TLB in bridging gaps and enhancing the outsourcing relationships. Teams continuously made efforts of doing regular meetings with the paralegals and attorneys over video communication-based platforms. In fact, there is an increasing sense of collaboration and teamwork that now defines our working with the staff of law firms and corporate law departments, rather than being in a competition. TLB values its clients and you will find in us a committed,  flexible, agile and scalable partner!