Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management – A Key Business Enabler for LPOs

Clients are the heart and soul of all business relationships. An organization with stable client relationships sees greater growth and success with assignments and projects than where they aren’t given importance.

Clients help in building a better reputation of the organization’s brand. Generally, the job of the sales team is done once they sign the contract with a client, but this is just the beginning of a business cycle. In fact, for start-up LPOs even acquiring brand new clients is a big challenge and it wasn’t any different for TLB. For durable relationships and business stability, securing and retaining the clients is of the paramount importance. TLB, since its formation, has worked intensely in building a team that is dedicated exclusively to the services of clients. The foundation of TLB’s every day’s operations has been delighting its clients and maintaining steady relationships with everyone that they work with. While most organizations are dependent on relationship marketing, TLB additionally made sure that the clients are not forced into doing business with TLB. Rather the clients felt that partnering with TLB has been the most beneficial decision for their own growth. We build a relationship of Trust with our clients. The team research well about all the potential clients and comes up with a winning proposal that is beneficial to the businesses of the clients and TLB both. The team has imbibed a culture of honesty and dependability which has earned them huge credibility from the clients. Now, our clients help us grow. They have been our true brand ambassadors. Cold calls and Email campaigns can help to a certain extent but the brand loyalty that we have earned from our clients has helped us grow faster and this has evolved through strong client relationship management.  

TLB’s client servicing team are people having diverse backgrounds like, law, technology, management and digital marketing to provide holistic support to the clients. While the core team of TLB comprises of attorneys, doctors, forensic experts, contract lawyers, estate law experts and immigration specialists, the client services team are people who have decades of experience in managing clients in the outsourcing industry. They have worked in leading LPOs and ALSPs, so they well know the requirements of US, UK, Australian & Canadian law firms and corporates. They have closely worked with the attorneys and paralegals of these countries, so they understand the cultures of these nations too. Their tons of experience also comes from the fact that they have worked with these clients physically at their law offices.  

The client services team’s structure at TLB is such that a client can communicate at distinct points with the team. By way of example is that, if the client needs assistance with branding and marketing for their businesses, then a client relationship manager from the digital marketing field will approach the client. Our clients have loved this approach.  

TLB also goes beyond and above for effective communications with its clients as communication is the key for transparent relationships. The managers servicing the clients provide various communication channels to the clients to ensure that no communication is ever missed. This also helps clients to track the assignments at regularly at every stage. The team has the familiarity of the colloquial English language, so they can effectively communicate with everyone at a law office or corporate law department. While we maintain thorough professional relationships with our clients, we are also pleasant and friendly with them. Our clients have found our communication channels to be open, transparent and reassuring.  

Another high of the TLB’s client relationship management is that they get involved in all the projects like they are going to do the task themselves. This helps them to understand the requirements of the projects and assignments better. The law firms commission their hard-earned money into the projects, so the client servicing managers make sure to understand the exact requirements to provide the most profitable results. TLB believes in lifelong relationships with its clients and not simply long-term. The client servicing team focuses on excellent services above anything else. We evolve with the clients and fundamentally try only to add value to the law firms and corporates. Connect with TLB for a day-to-day better service experience!