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How LPOs have blended well as offshore Partners and a Great Career Choice

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a high-end knowledge offshoring business that has been rapidly growing over the years and India has emerged as the dominant player in this business space.

India distinguishes itself in offering high quality and comprehensive solutions and services at a single location with very large and talented teams. LPOs in India have solidified their foundation by stepping into this industry from the very beginning, when LPOs were just starting as a concept in early 2000s. Over the years, India has tapped the doors of more law firms and corporates in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia than any other outsourcing destination country. India has championed itself in the fields of personal injury and medico legal services, document review services, drafting of legal documents and trial documents and IP related services. As law firms and corporate law departments started trusting more and more in India as a safe destination for outsourcing their work, even high-end tasks started flowing into India like legal research, preparing mediation briefs, case summaries etc. For Legal and Medical Transcription Services and Medical and Deposition Summarizations, India is now the most sought-after offshore partner. This has now contributed as a great career choice for Indian law students and lawyers. With the LPO industry growing, more and more legal professionals are willing to join this industry and are letting go off the traditional legal jobs.  

LPOs like The Legal Base (TLB) are increasingly focusing on providing legal solutions and process automation to their global clients by blending technology and new delivery models, rather than just offering lower costs. This has been possible with the best resources coming on board of these organizations. When digitization was expanding beyond national borders, Indian LPOs used the opportunity to gradually venture into partnerships with their client by hiring the most experienced professionals from the field. They could offer comprehensive assistance in many areas that were previously not tapped at. Therefore, it has become critical for these LPOs, like The Legal Base, to have an in-house team with talented professionals willing to scale-up to an exciting and rewarding career in this industry. The customary legal jobs are now being replaced by the LPO sector due to the increasing exposure to the Global Legal arena for these professionals. This is a win-win strategy for both, the LPOs in India and the law firms and Corporates in the US, UK, Canada, other European nations and Australia. LPOs have the best of the legal resources available for them and the law firms and corporates abroad get the quality services at unbelievable prices.  

Though, the career choices for law graduates in India are numerous they are opting for LPOs like TLB that provides them with secured job opportunities with fixed salaries. Legal Process Outsourcing provides enormous career growth to aspiring Indian legal professionals. As LPOs need the services of lawyers having exceptional drafting skills, they offer better salaries than law firms and provide better opportunities in terms of appraisal and promotions. Law graduates can work in various facets of law like personal injury or medico legal, immigration laws, corporate laws, legal research, electronic discoveries, legal solutions, digital marketing, etc. The way LPOs function they additionally inculcate leadership qualities and improve interpersonal and communication skills at a global standard.  As the LPO industry is only expected to grow in the coming years, it opens avenues for new learning and career advancement and an opportunity to get exposure to the global work environment. Due to the professional approach of these LPOs, law firms and Law Departments and Corporates are increasingly trusting India’s outsourcing industry. As a customer-centric organization, The Legal Base has only therefore hired teams from the best of the lot by using robust recruitment processes to ensure that our customers only get premium services.  

In India, LPOs were earlier understated by the market. However, now many market studies have determined that India will only continue to dominate this industry due to the best legal talents available who are willing to join LPOs. The similarity of our legal system with that of the USA, Canada and the UK and with the giant global IT companies expanding their business scope into the LPO space, it only seals the bright future of LPOs in India.  

The alternative legal solutions provided by TLB are considered the most efficient by our clients as TLB has top lawyers, doctors, law graduates, regular graduates, and tech experts.  In spite of many setbacks over the years, the LPO industry in India has only multiplied. With rapid economic infrastructures and greater quality controls, modern-day LPOs like TLB, have gained grounds and promise to only provide more and more convenience to the law firms, corporates and law departments.