Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

Outsourcing of Paralegal Services – Why India is a Preferred destination?

The paralegals or the legal assistants, though not lawyers, are highly qualified people in a law firm. While essentially, they work as subordinates of the attorneys, but they know all the case files to their last details.

They support the attorneys at every stage of a case and help the attorneys in preparing all kinds of documents involved in a case. Many a times, managing, processing, and sorting out the administrative tasks is extremely challenging for the paralegals and legal assistants. This is more challenging especially in the small or single attorney law firms. The paralegals also seek out assistance to minimize their burden so that they can focus on their core tasks. Sometimes deadlines are missed due to getting stuck in these mundane tasks. Outsourcing the most tiresome work to alternate legal solutions providers helps in saving time and costs for the law firms and frees up the paralegals’ time. As India has the largest number of legal process outsourcing companies, like The Legal Base (“TLB”), inevitably the US, UK and Canadian law firms reach out to Indian LPOs for support and assistance. India is a favorite destination not only because of its size but also because of the range of services provided by the Indian LPOs. Indian LPOs have also maintained the highest standards of quality over decades now. Another huge gain for India is the time zone advantage, which has proved the most beneficial for these law firms. India is cost effective too and the data security policies are held as the strongest of principles in the Indian companies. TLB as an organization of highest ethics, is particularly sensitive about this and is completely data security compliant.  India has one of the largest English-speaking communities in the world and the mode of education in the universities are largely English.  The legal education in only imparted through English language. These are some compelling reasons why India is a hub for the paralegal services.   

In the last two decades, India has learnt the working of US, UK and Canadian law firms by working with them. Therefore, India is able to provide various paralegal services like doing case intakes, speaking with the law firms’ clients, maintaining files in the case management tools, retrieving the documents, reviewing and summarizing of records, researching on the case, drafting pleadings, and motions, preparing briefs and various trial documents, preparing the documents for discovery processes, preparing documents pertaining to contracts and leases, wills, trusts and estates, finding expert witnesses, drafting documents for mergers and acquisitions, drafting demand letters, data evaluation, transcribing and summarizing depositions, bankruptcy filings, etc.  

In India though, there are no licensed paralegals, but all of the above paralegal services can be provided by Indian lawyers, legal interns, law graduates and regular graduates from top universities. TLB has a strong team of paralegals who come from various fields. They have worked at private law firms, assisted forensic experts, worked at government law departments and have huge experience of working in other global LPOs. There are no formal courses for paralegals in India but there are few universities which have started offering certified paralegal courses so that quality services can be outsourced. However, these aspiring paralegals or legal assistants gain huge experience at the law offices or in the legal departments. LPOs have also given them the right amount of exposure that is needed to service any kind of law firm or law department in the US, UK, Canada or Europe. With the LPO industry seeing a boom, more and more new generation of law graduates are polishing their skills as per the requirements of the Alternate Legal Solutions Providers. They are honing skills on case management tools and taking certified courses in American, Canadian and British accents so they can speak with the law firms’ clients confidently.

These Indian paralegals or legal assistants have also started doing distance education courses from American and UK universities. They also take up legal interns’ jobs while studying in the UK and American Universities to gather experience at UK and American law firms. These exposures have given them the feel of even working face to face with the clients of the law firms. They have the right understanding the working of the law firms and know which work is a priority in a law firm. They have made themselves adaptable attorneys’ requirements and can assist them with the legal tasks too. India has truly made a huge impact already but has not stopped in learning all the new ways of working with the law firms of US, UK and Canada. TLB too assures of unique ways of providing paralegal services which helps in managing your daily work at the law office smoothly. Contact us to know more!