Expert Assistance with Legal Research and Prepping Trial Documents

Trial Documents 

Meaningful legal research is truly necessary to win a case. It is a significant file to support any legal decision-making for your case. As every country is governed by their own sets of law, many law firms or corporates do not feel comfortable to outsource the legal research work unless they are sure that the team, they are going to engage with knows these laws well. 

TLB’s team of attorneys have worked with the US, Canadian, Australian and UK attorneys on a variety of cases across geographies involving simple and complex issues. India’s legal system is versatile, and the constitution of India had adopted both, the parliamentarian form and the federal form of government. Therefore, legal education in India is such that the law graduates and the practicing lawyers can easily adapt to the legal topics in the countries like US or UK or Canada. Though, every jurisdiction again has their own laws and regulations, the Indian lawyers are accustomed with the working patterns of the law firms and corporates for various states and do not take much time or effort in understanding these laws.  TLB’s has hired top lawyers who do the legal research work for law firms. The team of legal research experts at TLB are very well informed about the various legal research platforms of leading companies like LexisNexis and Westlaw. They understand all the requirements that is needed to operate these platforms to get the best answers to your case. Your case may be difficult or simple, but the team can easily find the solutions using these platforms or by even using google search platforms. They will only find you case laws, statutes, regulations, court opinions and informative substance from these platforms that can make you win your case. Your arguments can also be drafted by these experts which you can use them later in your motions or briefs while filing them in the court of law. The team uses simple and lucid language that provide you with the accurate and to the point information without making the case look complex. They research the facts of the case well and identify the legal issues before getting into the research part. They will require little help from you to include the statements of facts, but they are competent enough to find the focused information required on their own. They are also competent enough to know if it is the federal laws or the state laws involved.  The team is also well aware of qualitative and quantitate researches and knows the methods to best utilize them in coming to the winning points.  

Another vital assistance that the law firms seek is in preparing of the trial documents. The law firms can rely on TLB’s experts who can prepare your trial documents much in advance. You get enough time to look into the nitty gritties of the case and you can prepare your own final draft much ahead of the trial date. This way you will not be hassled at the last minute looking into anything that could be missing or delaying your task. As TLB works 24/7, we can make your trial documents ready over a weekend also so you can have them on your desk by your Monday morning. Volumes are never a concern for us as TLB has a large team of practicing lawyers, who have real time experience of working with the US and UK Attorneys. Any unanticipated number of documents can also be swiftly handled by the team. This team can assist you with motions and trial briefs, and with any other court document that you need.  As the team is well-experienced, they can finish the task with little or no training. They are well-versed with all kinds of court documents and have worked across jurisdictions with US and UK law firms. Being in the industry for decades, they can identify any early issues that may be crucial to your case or that which would be pertinent for evidentiary values. They can highlight winning points or the key facts for you so you can easily draft your final document without having to looking into every single document related to the case.  We understand, as a trial document would be presented to a judge, the team will also help you in anticipating the defense’s side of the case by researching well on similar types of cases. Time is the essence for these documents so the team will be ready with every little detail of your case. Your trial document can also be read by your defense lawyer so the team will make sure all issues are addressed well for you and there are no surprises later.

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