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Transcription Services

The legal transcription industry is expanding rapidly especially with the growing new age technologies. As transcribing audio files is a cumbersome process, more and more law firms are depending on companies that specialize in turning around these assignments faster at reasonable rates.

The Legal Base (“TLB”) can transcribe cumbersome audio and digital files at very cheap rates and can turn them around by the time you are in office in the morning. The team at TLB have experience of transcribing audio files for the past two-three decades. They were the very first team that was created in this industry in the Indian geography. When the transcription outsourcing first took off around late 90s, a lot of young graduates in India showed keen interest at trying this new type of job and now they are the most experienced transcriptionists in the world. These graduates learned all the nuances of the transcription processes. TLB hired the best team to support law firms across English speaking geographies. With over 10 thousand hours of transcription work completed and 10+ satisfied clients, TLB is trying to now increase the size of transcription team. TLB also has an in-house training team which is capable of giving world class training on transcription.  

TLB’s team provides legal transcription services to both litigating and non-litigating law firms. The services include transcribing medical records, medical summaries, depositions, testimonies, official court hearings, pleadings, interrogations, client letters and correspondences, legal briefs, subpoenas, and dictations. The team is also expert at transcribing files from insurance companies, from meetings and other official discussions on a case. The team transcribes the audio and digital files quickly and accurately as per the formats provided by the law firms. TLB helps you in maintaining a steady workflow for your law firm by having these files transcribed and ready by the time you are in office. Our services are also unique because of the sheer experience of the team and their familiarity with this industry. They are well versed with the legal terminologies of this industry. The team also has huge experience of doing verbatim transcription for many large businesses and global companies. As the team is trained by US & UK Attorneys, they can also make corrections to the transcribed documents when requested. They well know the various legal documents’ formats so they can quickly pick up if there is any miss. TLB’s team is also expert at transcribing video files of trials, depositions, meetings, conferences along with media files too.  

We provide easy access to upload your documents irrespective of the size and the numbers. Every transcribed file is verified and goes through a round of quality check before it is delivered to our clients. Therefore, they are of the highest quality and are error free. We have a standard delivery time and make sure to deliver the assignments well ahead of that time many a times, so you get more time to go through them and prepare for your case. TLB does not use non-human transcriptionists. There are many apps available in the market now for basic speech-to-text transcription, but we know that many not work optimally for many types of assignments especially for huge volumes. We understand the implications of a single mistake in a transcribed file especially in critical documents like the trial briefs or doctors’ reports, therefore we use only human transcriptionists. Our core transcription team is a mix of regular graduates, law graduates and industry experts.  

While a lot of companies do offer cost-effective transcription services, but what TLB’s team has championed is at providing error free work at the same pricings. We also provide various engagement models so you can make your own bouquet of services and pricings as per your choice. This has been liked a lot by our current clients as it gives them numerous ways to engage with us. In fact, for some law firms the team has dedicated resources, who work exclusively for the law firm or the corporate.  

Our audio transcription & video transcription specialists work round the clock to support various time zones in the US and Canada and accurately convert audio and video files to text. The time zone advantage enjoyed by India ensures that US Attorneys & Law Firms can get their work done expeditiously by leveraging the TLB team. The work performed by the TLB team conforms to data security norms, ensuring that our clients’ data remains secure.

If you are looking at a trusted business partner for all your transcription needs, then try us!