Worker’s Compensation Cases : The TLB Approach

Worker’s Compensation has always been the highlight of personal injury cases in the US. All kinds of jobs need respect and workers the dignity that they deserve. However, there are many jobs that are either extremely dangerous or awfully dirty. When we see them, we do thank workers for doing those type of work so that we don’t have to do them ourselves. However, it is important to make a list of those claims and make sure such workers are compensated well if any eventful situation arises.  This is not a simple task tough. Practicing them and ensuring adherence to the standards of worker’s compensation claims are complex and challenging.

In the US, the personal injury practice accounts for nearly $40 billion and just about all the personal injury law firms practice worker’s compensation. A trend has therefore started to outsource worker’s compensation cases to Legal Process Outsourcing companies based out of countries like India and other South Asian countries just like outsourcing of personal injury cases are done. TLB’s medico-legal team has worked extensively with the US worker’s compensation attorneys in the areas of medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability, supplemental job displacement, and death benefits.  

TLB’s Approach – Worker’s Compensation Cases 

From its inception, TLB has supported worker’s compensation attorneys in the US. The medico-legal team at TLB has successfully assisted law firms and attorneys on worker’s compensation claims in specialised areas of insurance.

Here are few reasons why law firms chose TLB as an outsourcing partner for their worker’s compensation cases: 

  1. Jurisdiction Reach – With no single set of law governing the worker’s compensation claims in the US and every state having its own way of handling the claims, it is not easy to always find experienced staff to handle such services. As TLB’s team has worked with various law firms and attorneys across jurisdictions, it is not difficult for them to adapt to specific requirements of a law firm.
  1. Filing of Claims and Chasing the documents – One of the daunting tasks for worker’s compensation claims is having the files organized. TLB’s team is large which can also chase records and have them filed timely in the case files. The records can be organized, and the communication letters are sent out timely too. Sometimes, if these are not sent out as per the SOLs, the claim may fail causing huge loses. The team therefore maintains checklists for the items to ensure your deadlines are met. As your claims will require constant follow-ups, the team chase the authorities till they get back the necessary documents.  
  1. Specialised Team – Worker’s Compensation claims are extremely specialised area of services. Therefore, our team is a blend of attorneys and doctors who vet the records and ensure your client is protected in the claim and compensated the maximum. The team is aware of the risks associated with worker’s compensation claims and would require minimal training to know the exclusive formats that your law firms follow. Understanding the claims and knowing where your claim can be rejected is the key to winning your case. Therefore, the team uses its attorneys’ legal expertise and the doctors’ experiences to analyse each and every case.  
  1. Managing volumes – Your claim records need to be vetted and organized regularly to save your time. TLB’s team can process a very large volume of records in a day owing to the number of team members. The teams also work round the clock so as to ensure the records, so your work is done continually. As the worker’s compensation claims are still paper based it is extremely challenging to process them. The team tries to obtain these records electronically from insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and employers so that the work gets done faster.   
  1. Tech Smart Organization – As TLB is technology driven, the team can assist you with process automation to make your work seamless and smooth. Cost effective solutions are created to cater exclusively for your law firm or practice. Your documents are also safe with TLB as we work via secured cloud-based services or directly work on your computers via remote access. 

Everything said and done, the only thing that matters is winning the claim for the client in a worker’s compensation claim and TLB team ensures every rule is followed and every statute required is met with minimal training. The contingent plan is also made ready for you to remove anything that could be holding up your case. We can assure you 100% success rate with our assistance.

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