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6th Oct 2020

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Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

The legal outsourcing sector has seenexponential worldwide growth in the recent past in delivering support services for the legal industry. This growth isdriven by shifting the work of solo legal practitioners, paralegals, and other legal professionals to offshore vendors mostly located overseas. Legal outsourcing is fast growing as more and more corporate legal departments and law firms are looking for cost-savings, increased flexibilityand expanding their in-house competencies.

Outsourcing refers to the practice of engaging an outside vendor to take care of specific jobswithout hiring additional employees or allocating thejob to current staff. It is a prevalent procedure for law firms and solo practitioners to decrease operational costs and streamline business operations whilst still taking care of critical tasks.

The businesses can be outsourced to legal support services providers based in countries like India, Philippines, South Africa and China where skilled resources come less expensive compared to countries like US, UK, and Canada.


Outsourcing legal support services providesnumerous benefits like:

1. Low Costs compared to in-house productivity
One of the most substantial advantages of outsourcing legal projects is low cost compared to in-house productivity. Law firms and corporate houses can lower their cost structure owing to the wage discrepancy between in-house legal resources and offshore vendors that result in huge cost savings. Countries like India and the Philippines offer cheap skilled resources that can efficiently take care of a legal project for much less compared to in-house resources.

2. Accessing Outside Talent
Outsourcing legal projects to offshore vendors permits solo practitioners and law firms to access outside talent and rich expertise that may not exist in the organization. For example, a law firm that does not has a contract management team can outsource contract management-related projects to offshore-based vendors as such vendors support highly skilled and experienced resources who can efficiently handle the project. Accessing outside talent is useful for solo practitioners for filing up inner incompetence thus allowing law firms to use international expertise. Offshore vendors in countries like India and China support highly skilled and trained resources, ensuring a large team of trained and experienced workers.

3. Decreased Turnaround Time
The usage of outside resources can increase the inner bandwidth to decrease the turnaround time for urgent legal projects. Offshore vendors take less time for completing a project owing to their twenty-four by seven working schedules and due to the 12-hour time variation between the U.S. and India. Offshore vendors work twenty-four by seven and can complete urgent projects within short notice.

4. Flexibility
Utilizing a blend of outside talent and in-house expertise permits law firms and solo law practitioners to customize projects according to the workload and client requirements. At times, law firms find it difficult to complete urgent matters owing to limited support staff, and increasing client demands. Outsourcing legal projects allows solo practitioners and law firms to swiftly mount up a project, leveling with bigger firms. Flexible employment opportunities also reduce the overhead costs of an organization. By outsourcing legal projects to offshore vendors, solo practitioners and law firms can avert the salaries and other benefits provided to full-time and permanent staff members.

5. Outsourcing is Not Just for Big Firms
Outsourcing is technologically described as using properties beyond the internal ventures of a business to keep things operating efficiently. Small firms, in specific, may find themselves crashed with a time-draining key case that will require all hands-on floor for some time. But what is going to happen to other customers while the whole in-house staff is concentrating on that one case? Outsourcing delivers elasticity and cost savings over appointing supplementary staff to maintain the company up and running inexpensively.

The Legal Base has been productively delivering a comprehensive range of services to the legal industry in the recent past. Our panel of legal professionals, investigators, and assistance staff are experienced, qualified, and experienced in delivering high-quality services to our client base. With innovative solutions for all client needs, The Legal Base has customized solutions to match all client requirements.


List of Top Ten Legal Outsourcing Firms:

A day comprises of just twenty-four hours;however, the workload is always very high so as to make the legal business profitable. One can take care of the workload quickly, smoothly, and more efficiently by outsourcing legal projects to offshore vendors like The Legal Base to save on cost and time.

In this article, we shall discuss the fundamentals of legal process outsourcing, why additional law firms are using it, and industry trends for 2021. We have also assembled a quick list of best procedures for getting the most out of legal process outsourcing. With the information you learn here, you shall be able to create a more lucrative practice sooner than you think.

What is legal process outsourcing for law firms?
Legal process outsourcing can be a considerable economical measure. Rather than devoted domestic resources, distinct legal services are relocated to external companies, local lawyers, or assistants. Think about all the humdrum routine responsibilities that can be done by outside help. You can influence the intensity of other specialists to save time, cut costs, and lessen your capability. This allows you to focus on other important issues, like bringing in new business for your firm and presenting top service to existing clients.

To make practicing law more profitable, it is important to understand and use the strengths. Unfortunately, operating a law firm is exactly like running any other business as it too involves plenty of workload asking for complete attention, thus making outsourcing the obvious solution for sharing the workload. There is a mushroom growth of legal outsourcing services available, along freelance lawyers, and low-cost practitioners and one needs to make the selection wisely for outsourcing legal projects.

The disparity between legal process outsourcing and offshoring
A familiar point of puzzlement occurs from the word “outsourcing”. So, it is essential to acknowledge the difference between legal process outsourcing and offshoring. Below are brief definitions.

Legal process outsourcing is utilizing local lawyers and experts to take on specific tasks like document review, scanning, and non-substantive court appearances. Offshoring is the procedure of hiring economical overseas labor to complete tasks remotely.

Industry trends for legal process outsourcing
Legal industry trends for 2020 show that clients anticipate law firms to go beyond and beyond the customary presenting of services and support. More law firms are converting to legal outsourcing to stay viable and commercial.

Advantages of legal process outsourcing for solo Practioner, and law firms are:
Legal process outsourcing is the best means to increase productivity, emphasize other fruitful aspects of the organization to enhance profitability as it is no hidden fact that outsourcing results substantial development in the performance of the firm.


The top five advantages of legal process outsourcing are:

1. Increasing practice area knowledge.
With the legal support services diversified in several services, it is practically impossible for a law firm or a solo practitioner to employ resources proficient in all fields. Hence outsourcing certain legal support services to The Legal Base can assist in meeting client requirements without the need of hiring full-time resources.

2. Empowering flexible employment.

The Legal Base can be contacted when one needs skilled legal assistance for all kinds of legal projects since it provides a working affiliation without any commitment to a full-time hiring.

3. Fixed Billing.
Outsourcing via The Legal Base allows you to employ skilled resources who can assist you with all kinds of projects for a fixed pricing thus enabling you to bill the clients a flat fee or offer combined cost thresholds for legal projects.

4. Decreasing the cost of legal services.
The Legal Base offers its services on a project wise basis without any commitment to any monthly fees so as to provide its clients with an affordable billing cycle. One needs to pay the fixed price agreed upon before the commencement of the project.

5. Maintaining work-life balance.
Solo Practioner and law firms are pressurized to work continuously for making a profit. The Legal Base offers additional assistance when required, without the need of hiring a full-time resource. Outsourcing also allows to maintain a perfect work-life balance since outsourcing firms take care of the projects while you can sit back and spend quality time with friends and family.


What legal support services can be outsourced to derive maximum benefit for a law firm?
The list of legal support services that can be outsourced is endless and innovative firms are constantly enhancingthe inventive approaches for outsourcing.
To partner with the best outsourcing firm, one needs to assess the following:

1. Evaluating the firm’s requirements.
There are lots of possibilities when it comes to legal process outsourcing. Though, by no means all of them will be helpful to your firm. A great way to start is to ask yourself these questions:

  • What responsibilities take up a lot of workforce time, but don’t essentially need to be completed internally?
  • Does the individual need to be substantially in your office?
  • Do you require somebody to go to court?
  • Is a distant working agreeable?

2. Delve into outsourcing legal work alternatives that meet your requirements.
When you understand the zones for the betterment within your law firm, categorize the abundant legal process outsourcing companies accessible. If expenses are a considerable unease, take into account outsourcing legal services where suppliers can deliver flat fees versus hourly rates.

Prevalent types of zones for legal process outsourcing
Not convinced where to start? Here are just little particular fields where legal process outsourcing can assist your firm to be more effective:

Case and transcribed work
Dedicated legal outsourcing companies are substituting established staffing companies. They offer flexible employment for certain areas, involving experienced freelance lawyers. This suggests that if one requires a trained resource to either work in the office for supporting a particular case or a paralegal for working on a different project, trained resources are always available and can be contacted through email or phone call or through the contact forms available on the websites.

Companies that provide this service involve:
The LegalBase offers not only conventional attorney recruitment and placement, but also helps gain access to contract attorneys who can work distantly or in your office at an hourly rate for any duration.

The LegalBase is concentrated on solo specialists and small firms offering bundle of legal support services through trained and skilled resources to assist law firms with research related projects on a flat-fee basis.

The Legal Base supports a team of trained attorneys and paralegals who can work as per the client’s requirements to offer contractual and project related services for an hourly rate.

E-discovery for easier document review
Do not waste your precious resources scanning, coding, and completing document review. Innumerable companies provide inexpensive scanning and coding services. There are also companies that offer contact to a huge group of contract lawyers if you want to outsource document review. As a supplement, you will only pay a small proportion of what you would pay a full-time employee. Some companies offer the possibility of on-site lawyers while others require off-site lawyers that handle document reviews digitally. Consilio, Integreon, and QuisLex are a few of the many impartial legal process outsourcing and e-discovery companies available to assist you. Other areas for legal process outsourcing

Fortunately, you can outsource any type of work to a contract attorney working with The Legal Base.

Here are a couple of more tasks that you may want to consider before outsourcing:

  • Summation of the cases quoted in the opposite party’s appeal/brief.
  • Legal research
  • Drafting Motions and Pleadings
  • Discovery replies and motions to compel/quash/protective order
  • Contract Management Services
  • Deposition Summarization
  • Drafting and Abstraction of Leases
  • Drafting of Wills and Trusts Documents
  • Drafting Power of Attorney/Agreements
  • Writing legal content and articles
  • Drafting Demand letters in Personal injury cases along with other correspondence

UnitedLex is a leader and expert in outsourcing legal services devoted in offering complete Digital Makeover. The world’s most bold-thinking law departments rely on the company’s knowledge and experience in over 25 global jurisdictions. UnitedLex came into existence in 2006, and has a team of 3,000 plus resources comprising of legal, engineering, and technology professionals and operates in 18 countries

Cobra Legal is ISO 27001 licensed and has demonstrated concentration in document management and review for arbitration, antitrust, litigation and others, eDiscovery support, contract management, legal research, etc. It has partnership with domestic and international firms such as Planet Data, Case Central, and Rainmaker.

Qualified with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, CPA Global has strong points in patents, legal intellectual property support, trademark, litigation support, document review, and contract management. CPA Global’s technologies and services give prominent law firms the necessary tools to achieve success. We enhance the services you propose and the way you run your practice – enhancing effectiveness and redefining your competitive position.

Pangea3, since its initiation in 2004, is offering legal process outsourcing services. It turned out to be a part of Thomson Reuters in 2010, which has its headquarters in New York, with ventures in Mumbai, Delhi, and Dallas. The company provides solutions for litigation support, corporate transactional work, IP and governance, and risk management and compliance.

6. EXL
The country’s burgeoning legal process outsourcing (LPO) space is gone for more activity and amalgamation as bigger BPOs eye a share of the pie. WNS Global Services, the country’s second largest BPO, and EXL Service Holdings are both taught to be looking at mineral and natural routes of growth in the LPO space.

LPO comprises outsourcing of tasks like legal research, litigation support, contract drafting and review, and para-legal services. The edges in LPO are higher at 30-40 percent. EXL has found two areas for its LPO foray- legal organizational work, including documentation, the indexation and retrieving information for lawyers, and para-legal administrative work like making case studies and providing legal substance for clients and law firms.

Cogneesol was established in 2008, and is a business technology, process management, and digital transformation company. Situated in New York, there is a team of about 350 employees that provides nonvoice BPO services, fund bookkeeping, and outsourcing, and IT managed services. They predominantly serve midmarket businesses in the business and financial services, and health care and medical services.

Datascribe LPO is a legal services and solutions supplier headquartered in Charlotte, NC with cable offices in Whitby, Canada, and Bangalore, India. Established in 2005, Datascribe and its sole owner provide non-voice BPO/back-office services and voice/call center services to attorneys and law firms in the USA, Canada, and India.

9. Integreon Managed Solutions, Inc
Integreon provides document review and processing, and transcription services. Integreon provides legal, business, and research support services for law firms, corporates, and specialized firms.

Integreon has been an innovator and leader in the most active industries for about 20+ years, Integreon’s legal support services portfolio has increased and developed with the growing demand for legal outsourcing services.

With a staff of 3,000+ legal professionals and paralegals, data analysts, and Six Sigma specialists, Integreon provides the right solutions for business needs.

With law firms based across the globe looking for suitable vendors for legal process outsourcing to boost capability and decrease costs, legal process outsourcing is in high demand worldwide.


As the business intensifies, here are three legal process outsourcing trends worth noting:

1. Artificial intelligence and automation
Restructuring processes and establishing more effective and efficient work processes for high-volume stages, such as client intake, make a big difference to a law firm’s success. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) or automation software is particularly useful for lawyers looking to move away from the handbook tasks.

2. Hybrid outsourcing
As law firms look at the most economical ways to confront regular tasks, some are trying with using a hybrid blend of legal process outsourcing and offshoring. Companies may create round-the-clock productivity by using both onshore and offshore outsourcing. In any case time zone, you’re in, you can get any mission accomplished at any time of the day.

3. Rise in e-discovery
Recent modifications to the Federal Regulations of Civil Procedure making an electronic format stored data such as emails, e-calendars, and voicemails ascertainable on portable devices in litigation means the marketplace for e-discovery services is expanding. With more want for e-discovery services, more companies can turn to the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of legal process outsourcing.

Establish a more lucrative law firm with legal process outsourcing

If you are exploring feasible ways to distinguish between your firm and boost your capability without escalating firm overhead, legal process outsourcing may be the way to go. You are able to outsource more than ever envisioned with the technological innovations now available. You can add professional knowledge and capacity to your practice while cutting down on costs and workload.

The bottom sideline? Outsourcing the time-consuming and everyday tasks enables you to get more significant work done. It is a win-win situation. You have more time to devote to delivering top-notch service to your clients and producing stronger profits.

The Legal Base has been effectively offering a broad range of services to the legal industry for years. Our dedicated team of legal professionals, researchers, and support staff are trained, skilled, and experienced in delivering high-value services to our client base.

Have a question that you may need an answer for? Here is our list of Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you get begun.

What is Legal Process Outsourcing?
Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) implies a justly widespread practice by law firms that involves employing an outside legal support company to manage their back-end requirements such as legal support services, document review, research, and other tasks essential to their business operations. It is to be stated when the hired outsourced firm is based in a country different from that of the one hiring, the process can be referred to as offshoring.

Can Corporations employ legal outsourcing?
Internal advocates and law branches of different multinational corporations have been taking benefit of legal outsourcing for several years.

What are the advantages of legal outsourcing?
The advantages of working together with a legal outsourcing company are diverse. The following are some of the most vital benefits that an LPO service has to offer:

Minimize your expense
While the expense of hiring a squad of legal specialists in the US can mean thousands in salaries, outsourcing some of your legal support services to a seaward individual can help you considerably lower operational costs.

Improve efficiency
The LPOs location in a completely different area from yours (India, in our case) can mean that your workforce is available round the clock.

High-quality services
Outsourcing some of your ventures can permit you to gain access to a much greater aptitude pool of highly qualified professionals. Countries such as India have time and again demonstrated to be extremely advanced in the international tertiary sector and have been able to effectively tap into spheres such as legal and paralegal support.

Is legal outsourcing allowed in the United States and Canada


What are the various legal support services that The Legal Base offers?

We recommend a whole range of legal and support services. The adhering to are a few of our most valuable services:

  • Legal Research Services
  • Contract Management Services
  • Immigration Support Services
  • Deposition Summarization services
  • Data Evaluation Services
  • Document Review Services

Outsourcing is the key to growth and progress. By outsourcing time-consuming projects to firms providing legal support services, one can devote more time to other fruitful aspects of the business while the project is being taken care of by skilled resources employed by offshore vendors. The resources are regularly trained to keep up with the changing laws and statutes. Offshore vendors also support state of art technology keeping up with the latest trends in the outsourcing industry and are always looking for innovations for developing their business like developing a software for taking care of contract management services so as to make the job easy and error free.

So, if you are looking for a reliable vendor to outsource your legal projects, get in touch with The Legal Base today to discuss your requirements. The team shall provide you with a customized solution matching your requirements. Also, quality driven projects shall be delivered for a reasonable cost. Come – reap the benefits of outsourcing and experience the change with quality output and timely delivery. We are just a phone call away. Contact us today for all your legal projects related outsourcing.

The Legal Base team is here to help!