Legal technology has always been vital to law firms, it has become incredibly significant in the last two years as law offices around the country have sought inventive and long-term solutions to the pandemic’s abrupt transition to remote working. Legal technology, also known as “LegalTech,” is a word that is now widely used. Nothing but […]

What is Trending in 2022 for Contract Management – TLB’s Insights!

The year 2022 truly was a redemptive year for the world and every single individual wants to look upward from here on. Consumer demands have changed to keep up with the brand-new pace and there has been a paradigm shift in businesses. The digital space has conquered the markets and it is no different for […]

The UK Immigration Poised for Changes for Better!

If one plans to move to the UK, then there is a great news! The UK government has planned to make several changes to its travel and immigration policies. They have issued a statement as regards the new immigration rules that will be implemented as part of their ‘Plan for Growth’ measures. These will happen […]

Phases of Contract Lifecycle Management Process

The Legal Base – Analysis Contract Management is a continuous process wherein the contract managers are responsible to streamline the lifecycle of a contract from beginning till the cessation of the contracts. Their core responsibility is to ensure that the contract is just not created but every step in between is adhered to till the […]

Worker’s Compensation Cases : The TLB Approach

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation has always been the highlight of personal injury cases in the US. All kinds of jobs need respect and workers the dignity that they deserve. However, there are many jobs that are either extremely dangerous or awfully dirty. When we see them, we do thank workers for doing those type of work so […]

Accounting and Bookkeeping Challenges Faced By Law Firms

Accounting and Bookkeeping

One of the biggest challenges that the law firms face when they establish their law offices is with bookkeeping and accounting. If the bookkeeping is done poorly, a law firm can incur huge financial losses leading to sometimes even shutting down the office. Having a trained set of staff that have a habit of managing […]

Contract Management


A Reliable Team of Lawyers That Can Save Your Time, Effort and Costs! Contracts are the backbone of business transactions and relationships. It is the most fundamental document for starting any business. A properly drafted contract helps the businesses function smoothly. However, the challenge always is managing the contracts and the voluminous documents associated with […]

Medical Chronologies

Medical Chronologies

The Legal Base’s medical chronologies are essentially an analysis It is widely considered that a patient’s diagnosis is revealed in the history narrated by him or her. However, a true interpretation of what is troubling the client and how the injuries evolved over time is crucial in every case. It is but challenging to decipher […]

LPO and / or ALSP

LPO – Legal Process Outsourcing ALSP – Alternate Legal Service Provider The Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO or LSO) Business has grown from strength to strength and has evolved after striking roots in India in the 2000s. The industry which started as an alternative career path for legal professionals turned out to be one of the […]

Deposition Summaries

At The Legal Base a team of well-trained and experienced legal professionals help law firms across US, Canada and Europe in analysing and summarizing deposition transcripts, on a day-to-day basis. We understand the importance of witnesses’ depositions in lawsuits and the need to concise it into a crisp meaningful draft covering all the required information. […]

Demand Letter Writing

The Legal Base is skilled at pulling together all the elements of an effective draft The Legal Base well understands what significant role a demand letter plays for your negotiation and in the court rooms, if necessary. Our Demand Letter Writing Team has experience of writing demand letters for all types of personal injury cases, […]