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The Legal Base (TLB) is a brand name owned by and operated under OmniFix Technology Solutions Pvt Limited and was founded with an AIM to establish itself as a “trusted partner” for law firms and attorneys worldwide and professionally deliver outsourced services on behalf of their clients whilst operating as a seamless extension of their teams.

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Contract management Solution

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Contract management is an integral part of day-to-day work carried out by organizations regardless of their size and area of operations. This can sometimes prove to be challenging owing to complexities and nuances of legal contracts which along with high volumes can make it difficult to trace documentation, resulting in partial viewing of the transaction flow and negative impact on organizational ROIs.

Blending technology with management and subject matter proficiency, The Legal Base contract management team delivers customized solutions that help cut down costs, reduce risks, and deliver quality outputs for their clients. Any procedure creating, utilizing, and contributing to the formation, drafting review and execution of contract documents falls under the contract management lifecycle. Effective contract management services necessitate deep knowledge of all legal terms that are included in the contract.

We offer a proven track record of delivering effective and high-quality contract management services to our clients through a team of legal experts with vast experience in legal industry enabling us to seamlessly work on the entire contract management life cycle. Our in-house contract management team is well trained in handling all kinds of contracts irrespective of the complexity level.

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The modern businesses enter into contracts for almost all jobs undertaken by them, however, they fail to maintain an efficient contract management system to take care of the business needs when required. Contract management is a vital business matter and for effective contract management, good understanding of the basics is pivotal. Setting up in-house processing of contract management services sometimes can prove to be expensive and time consuming. So businesses now prefer to outsource contract management services to contract management companies who efficiently handle all aspects of contract management life cycle.

Benefits of partnering with The Legal Base

The Legal Base can deliver competitive edge to their clients by providing -

Extensive Knowledge

The Legal Base chalks out bespoke contract management service to meet individual client requirements. Our contract management team is proficient in reviewing contracts that range from NDAs to complex documents involving mergers and acquisitions, sales and procurement agreements, financial agreements to name a few along with many others.

Analytical Functionality

Our team gathers and promulgates on an expanded diversity of leading methodology in conjunction with contract status, turn around times, volumes, frequently negotiated provisions, use of non-standard provisions, types of agreements, and much more. The Legal Base’s customized plans provide solutions that match individual client requirements.

Contract Management and its Importance

Contract management is the procedure of management of contract formation, execution, and analysis to increase the financial and operational results within an organization, while at the same time reducing economic risk. Businesses experience an ever-expanding sum of burden to reduce costs and enhance the company's performance. Contract management is proving to be an extremely specialized and laborious component of business, which accelerates the necessity for introducing efficient contract management. Almost each and every business from different industries like legal, accounting, insurance, etc. are seeking effective contract management solutions as it is proven to help in maximizing the business opportunities.

Cohesive Expertise

To whirl proficiency and optimize methodology, The Legal Base incorporates high-level skills into its customized solutions along with hyped-up luminosity skills into contract management conformity. We provide unbiased and appropriate advice regarding the best available solution that matches individual client needs as TLB indulges in providing best available solutions.

Analyzing Contracts

The Legal Base is known for organizing contracts and extracting vital information into customized templates and reports so that the clients can generate a plan for the effective business functioning. Clients prefer TLB’s trained and skilled resources carefully abstract all important info from a contract into a customized template, quality checked by subject matter experts for an error free output.

Outsourcing as the Best Option

Every business has a set of core responsibilities relating to activities to be handled on a day-to-day basis. Contract management is one of them and outsourcing makes the task of handling and managing Contract Management Services effective and efficient thus reducing the workload of the in-house resources. Moreover, effective contract management involves capability and knowledge which contract management outsourcing firms can offer as they offer trained resources at competitive pricing which blended with modern technology offers complete satisfaction to the clients.

How outsourcing contract management helps businesses

According to a latest survey, 90% of US based companies agreed to the fact that outsourcing contract management services has enhanced their business. The main benefits of contract management outsourcing are:-

  • Effective time management in drafting the contracts
  • Review of contracts inclusive
  • Handling by expert and trained resources
  • Cost effective
  • Complete confidentiality of all business-related information
  • Effective management of vendor contracts
  • Enhanced contract visibility and control
  • Frequent contract upgradation for meeting business requirements
  • Better negotiation potency with enhanced contractual provisions
  • Decreased liabilities and consequences owing to improved management

Businesses across the globe are widely outsourcing contract management projects as they have realized the importance of contract management. Not all companies employ in-house contract managers, as businesses have realized that outsourcing contract management services will save the effort for the businesses towards hiring full time employees to take care of their contract management requirements and instead direct that effort towards delivering more value-added services to their clients.

So if you are looking for a reliable partner for outsourcing your contract management projects, get in touch with The Legal Base contract management team today and share your workload for customized and efficient contract management services

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