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The Legal Base (TLB) is a brand name owned by and operated under OmniFix Technology Solutions Pvt Limited and was founded with an AIM to establish itself as a “trusted partner” for law firms and attorneys worldwide and professionally deliver outsourced services on behalf of their clients whilst operating as a seamless extension of their teams.

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Reviewing documents for court trials and rigid matters can be difficult and putting up a team of trained and experienced contract review attorneys, can be a hectic and a stressful task for many organizations. One of the options available for firms is to outsource document review related projects to outsourcing partners for fast and accurate processing. The review process at The Legal Base is predictable, with high-quality output and accurate evaluations for a broad range of complex and legal documents.

Many organizations find it difficult to handle the document review process in-house as it requires skilled resources with relevant experience to take care of the review process which is both time consuming and expensive. TLB has proven experience of executing effective legal document reviews, supporting corporate firms and law firms using precise, cost-effective approaches, and advanced technologies.

TLB’s legal document review team has skilled document review attorneys and legal experts with an exceptional track record of delivering accurate and effective document review services for companies and law firms based across the globe.

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The legal document or contract review process recognizes the importance of the document and allows the clients to generate a convincing case with no loopholes for the opposing party to exploit. TLB is a well-known name for handling manual and electronic document review services and the team comprises of attorneys and paralegals and their methodical tactic for case plan, finding out fundamental case info, document classification, and quality checks accounts for an all-inclusive review for proceedings.

TLB’s document or contract review team scrutinizes every single document to understand the content with an effective blend of intellectual reviewers and ultra-modern technology. TLB’s legal document review coordinates with client attorneys for a better understanding of the project and the process is performed in close coordination with them through daily calls and query logs thus creating efficacies in the document review process and driving high effectiveness at low costs.

The Legal Base managed legal document review services comprises all of the features of legal document review process put together into a distinct service. TLB’s document review process is an ideal methodology for executing document review since all technology related decisions and protocols are made in coordination by TLB’s document review attorneys and client counsel, thus considering the legal approach and aspects of the subject matter in hand.

Legal document review services at TLB are finalized by attorneys, who are trained on the review tools and efficacies and work in close coordination with the clients for tasks related to coding the documents that need to be produced, assisting with privilege logs, and helping clients in preparing for depositions along with the trial.

Security is a serious matter at TLB. All of the review projects at TLB are performed in a secured environment with restricted access policies and the systems used are continuously monitored Day-to-day activities of the reviewing team are also monitored. The Legal Base effectively reviews and analyzes documents from a pool of sources. The inherent sensitivity, comprising of confidential and trusted information, is well taken care of. All documents pertaining to a particular project are either returned safely to the client or destroyed so as to maintain complete confidentiality

TLB’s contract review services are customized and flexible so as to meet individual requirements and recommends case-specific reviews regarding staffing needs, budgeting, and other information in the contract. All document review services are delivered by a highly skilled, and experienced review managers having in-depth subject-matter expertise. TLB follows a strict quality check to ensure that the deliverable is error free.

Since the review process is considered as the most important aspect of any legal or corporate matter and is an expensive, and time-consuming, aspect of a case, legal review managers at TLB review each document minutely using latest tools methodology to make sure no important information is missed and assist in accelerating the review process. TLB applies a process-focused approach in all services that increase productivity and efficiency of the process, including use of latest technology, regular trainings, dedicated facilities, and proven methods for document review related projects.

So if you are looking for a reliable partner to share your legal document review related workload, look no further. The Legal Base supports the requisite infrastructure to efficiently manage all your document review related projects. Just follow the simple process of calling our dedicated contract review team or send us an email listing your requirements and our experts shall get in touch with you with a customized solution that is pocket friendly too.

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