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Global IP Research and Consultation services

Our diverse team combines depth of expertise with cutting-edge technological knowledge to give our clients the greatest overall package. Our intellectual property advisors have excellent technical credentials as well as considerable legal and business expertise. Our team members, comprising of Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys, are highly trained and certified in a variety of technological fields.

TLB’s IP Research and Consultation Services

IP Analytics

We aid and advise inventors and the research and development community in developing and crystallizing their ideas into patented innovations. We help our clients gain the most competitive advantage possible from the proper utilization and preservation of their intellectual assets. We assist our clients in determining market potential and business trends.

Prior Art Searches

A broad, in-depth investigation of patentability, state-of-the-art, patent invalidation, infringement, and freedom to operate.

Patent Watch

Periodic and thorough monitoring of competitor product launches for infringement.

Patent Drafting, Illustrations & Translation

Our IP Consultation professionals prepare and convert standard designs to AUTOCAD in accordance with PTO requirements.

Patent Portfolio Analysis, Patent Licensing & Monetization

Our IP Consultation professionals use successful licensing that converts intellectual property assets to monetary value.

Landscape Analysis

Our IP Consultation professionals can forecast trends and activities in any technological domain.

Open-Source License Compliance

Our IP Consultation professionals complete compliance with open-source licensing agreements.

End-to-End docketing and administrative support

Our approved system and methods provide end-to-end docketing support in all IP-related administrative chores, including data administration, data verification, timetable tracking, and reminders.

IP Consulting

Today's key difficulty for businesses is to analyze and identify their intellectual property portfolio, and then optimize its latent potential. Our Intellectual Property Consultants create plans for preserving and increasing revenue from patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We aim to integrate our clients' IP strategy with their companies by providing IP consultancy services. We attempt to find areas for significant improvement in the organization's business performance through adjustments or enhancements in IP procedures and the protection of current IP. We also assist our clients in developing worldwide portfolios that position the client firm well in the international market.

Why Outsource IP Research and Consultation Services?

Outsourcing your IP Research and Consultation Service requirements can do wonders for your firm. Today it's a proven fact that firms that have outsourced their legal requirements to reliable partners have witnessed fruitful results and the potential to take in more client projects has only increased over the years.

If you are wondering whether to outsource your IP Research and Consultation service requirements to TLB or not, you must consider the following benefits that you will get upon outsourcing.

Why outsource IP Research and Consultation services to TLB?

TLB is a renowned intellectual property and technology consulting firm. We provide our clients with a 'One-Stop' solution for all of their IP needs, providing vital support at each stage of the patent lifecycle, from producing and protecting IP to commercializing IP.

Highly efficient experts

Our IP Consultation professionals contribute extensive subject and industry knowledge to each engagement, as well as access to TLB's substantial intellectual capital. Our innovative approach to technology-powered legal solutions, along with a broad range of service options, puts us ahead of the competition.


When it comes to picking a relationship, trust is crucial. We realize this and make every effort to deliver on our promises to you. Our IP Consultation professionals understand your need for confidentiality and ensure the greatest degree of confidentiality.

Globally optimized solutions

Our professionals have extensive R&D experience, advanced scientific and engineering degrees, and a track record of producing cross-domain solutions. Our advanced educational credentials enable us to deliver vital technological research, paralegal services, and tools to IP law firms in order for them to present their clients with a globally optimal solution.


We combine the art of search with tried-and-true approaches like TRIZ to identify the most innovative and optimal solutions for your needs and budget. Our IP Consultation professionals ensure that your legal company receives the finest service available.

Customer focused services

We collaborate with you as an extension of your team, and each solution is tailored to the specific demands of the customer. We will not stop till you have found what you are looking for. Our committed support team is always on the lookout for the best potential solutions to your service-related issues.


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