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The Legal Base (TLB) is a brand name owned by and operated under OmniFix Technology Solutions Pvt Limited and was founded with an AIM to establish itself as a “trusted partner” for law firms and attorneys worldwide and professionally deliver outsourced services on behalf of their clients whilst operating as a seamless extension of their teams.

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Immigration Services

Assisting with all the Paper work

Immigration involves movement of individuals from the country of their origin to the country of their preference, either for permanent residency or for work related purposes and is usually done with the help of immigration assistance agency. It usually involves international passage of individuals to a destination country of which they are not prior natives or where they do not possess citizenship, in order to reside there, either as permanent residents or for taking up some kind of employment as a migratory worker involving lot of paper work that can be efficiently handled by The Legal Base on your behalf.

Locating competent and cost-effective immigration assistance agency to manage entire immigration assistance and having frequent and proper consultation with the client at times becomes a time-consuming task for the immigration consultants, law firms and Immigration attorneys. Also, Immigration assistance requires lot of immigration services documentation, which due to its volume may prove difficult for immigration agencies to handle, hence they need to take help from immigration consultants for completing the paper-work. The Legal Base assists immigration consultants and attorneys in completing the formalities by taking care of the paperwork.

With the year-on-year climb of immigration rate, firms providing immigration services are overburdened with paperwork as immigration involves a lot of paperwork related to an individual’s movement from the country of his origin to the country of his choice. Immigration experts from The Legal Base can help alleviate pressure from immigration firms who may be reeling under the rapid alterations and frequent changes in the immigration laws this introducing further complications.

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Why Outsource ?

One of the common questions that legal outsourcing firms might face is why outsource. Outsourcing helps saves time and cost as the paperwork involved is time-consuming and there outsourcing can address some of challenges faced by Immigration attorneys like:

  • Managing various steps involved in Visa filing and processing
  • Frequent interaction with the clients to keep them updated on the progress of their case
  • Looking for a competent and hard-working resource who can follow the due diligence and take utmost care of the filing process
  • Drafting of necessary applications and cover letters in accordance with the legal requirements of the immigration departments
  • Pre visa certification filing including LCA and PERM for the U.S. and LMIA for Canada
  • Staying in tune with all recent developments and changes in Immigration Laws and procedures
  • Careful filling of immigration forms in accordance with the needs of Immigration Departments

Immigration Services Offered by TLB

The immigration team at TLB are experts in handling all paperwork related to immigration and offer the following services to their clients

End to end assistance for Immigration Case Management Services -

  • Acting as a virtual assistant for the Immigration Firms.
  • Gathering information from the client on the recommended tool/database.
  • Analyzing information in accordance with visa specific needs.
  • Communicating with clients on behalf of the Immigration Firms and Attorneys for questions and other related information.
  • Drafting focused and supportive letters for Visa petitions.
  • Drafting cover letters for visa applications.
  • Offering professional services on several software platforms.
  • Online filing of Visa application forms with concerned departments .
  • Offering post submission status of applications.
  • Constant research on the changes in immigration rules and policies.

Immigration Services Documentation Offered by TLB


The Legal Base houses experienced resources for drafting the Attorney Cover Letters for several immigration petitions like:

  • I-601, Application for Disclaimer of Inadmissibility.
  • I-212, Application for Authorization to Reapply for Admission After Deportation
  • Criminal Relief
  • Humanitarian Reinstatement
  • Humanitarian Parole
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • I-130, Family based Green Card
  • I-131, Advance Parole
  • I-140, Employment Based Green Card
  • I-485, Adjustment of Status (AOS)
  • I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur
  • Consular Processing (CP)
  • I-765, EAD (Application for Employment Authorization)

Visa and Non-Immigration Services

The Legal Base offers its clients the required Visa forms depending on what is being filled. The team is well versed in filling forms like:

  • H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, H-4
  • L-1A,L-1B, L-2
  • F-1 / F-2
  • J-1/J-2
  • K-1/K-3
  • ETA 9089 through PERM process
  • Visa extensions

Other Immigration Associated Services

  • Document procurement
  • Drafting specialized letters for all the above-mentioned applications.
  • Research on immigration laws.
  • Drafting Business Plans.

The groundwork and immigration services documentationare executed by The Legal Base immigration team based in India while the final review and filings is handled by the lawyer or the law firm thus saving their clients time and money and giving them more time to focus on other business activities.

The immigration team at TLB provides professional solutions and excellent support services for all Immigration related matters, and that too at a very economical cost.

So, if you are looking for a reliable resource to share your immigration related workload, get in touch with our immigration team for efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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