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The Legal Base (TLB) is a brand name owned by and operated under OmniFix Technology Solutions Pvt Limited and was founded with an AIM to establish itself as a “trusted partner” for law firms and attorneys worldwide and professionally deliver outsourced services on behalf of their clients whilst operating as a seamless extension of their teams.

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Medico Legal Service

Medico Legal Service

The Legal Base (TLB) brings you access to experts who have acquired an in-depth knowledge in this particular field of medico legal through their decades of on ground experience.

At TLB, our experts assist law firms, individual attorneys and other industry professional by offloading their substantial research time and providing accurate case analysis, report and synopsis which help professional to present their case before the courtor any other authority in a precise manner.

The medico legal research team at TLB prepare synopsis on the basis of comprehensive medical and legal knowledge and experience of their attorneys accumulated through day-to-day experience in courts and client counselling. The experts at TLB are well versed in identifying the relevant documents pertinent to the evidentiary point of view. The team expertise covers areas including but not limited to the following -

  • Medical litigation case analysis
  • Written opinions
  • Evidentiary value of documents
  • Witness examination
  • Expert opinions
  • Permanent impairment assessment
  • Medical records

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Further ,in any personal injury claimour team of experts can provide

1. Complete analysis of -

  • Anatomical change after the injury.
  • Functionality loss or reduced functionality.
  • Likely loss of a limb in future
  • Direct nexus between our (client's) act/ omission and the injury.
  • Differential study of protocols prevailing in the jurisdiction where client operates.
  • Threshold assessment of loss by a formal/ medico-legal/forensic opinion.

2. Detailed analysis and examination of treatment file of the client.

4. Legal research for closely attracted precedents, judgements in the prevailing jurisdiction of the client.

6. Drafting of legal notice, reply and/or any other documentary requirement as per the client's brief.

3. Drafting of pleadings (Written statement, counter, affidavits of testimony and assistance in drawing interrogatories or cross-examination of experts.

5. Live video conference with the client (in special cases)

Human Body is the greatest marvel for study - its functionality, ageing, injuries, genetics, immune response disease and mortality & much more!

Modern medicine and ancient systems of therapeutic remedies overlap each other in a harmonious sync but due to regulatory segregation, are rarely applied in integration. Therefore, the natural anatomical aberrations, or the man made, or inflicted injuries, trauma or decompensation can be universally assessed (@ protocols), analyzed, reported and impressions, conclusions and results shared over the whole community on our planet.

In medico legal field there arevarious other complex cases which the law firms and individual attorneys may come across in their regular course of practise and requires special attention such as malpractice issues .

The attorneys at The Legal Base are trained to diagnose the relevant areas of malpractice which includes –

Pathophysiology, Previous history of the patient, Differential diagnosis, Choice of treatment, various forms of consent documents, Prognosis, known complications, Surgical hazards, anesthetic domains, Procedure notes, Operative notes, Bed head & progress charts, Vital sign records, Input – output records, Drug and regimen records, Palliative care, intensive care units, Supportive care units, Hospital acquired infectionspathology investigations, Diagnostics ,blood transfusions, discharge & follow up advise, ante-natal to post-partum gestation regimen, morbidities of diseases, use & limitation of experimental drugs (like in Covid 19 contributory negligence, admissibility of medical records and standard medical literature,LAMA summaries,Post mortem reports or MLCs to name a few.

Additional Medico Legal Services

The health insurance claims are also determined –

On various factors engulfed within the terms and conditions of the policy contracts and the pre-existing medical condition of the proposers, alleged concealment of any such adverse events, scope and coverage of the diseases as per the definition clauses and relatable treatment records, if any.

Term Life insurance products –

Limitations and scope of various clauses of illness riders, exclusions, lean period of risk, suicidal deaths, double risk coverage in admissible accidental deaths etc.

The traumatic injuries and/or death in accidents or occupational injuries -

May be assessed by the proximity, direct nexus of the injury and the sequel of permanent disability or amputation or removal of important sensory organs, or mitigation to perform to earn a living.

Gender crimes, child abuse, marital violence, sexual harassment at workplace, homicidal offences or other culpable injuries caused to human body –

Have to go through the forensic lens for scientific justification, connecting the cause and effect, entailing punishments and penalty.

Substance abuse –

Also has cognizable pitch that requires legal support.

Public liability –

Requires medicolegal evaluation for prosecution.

Food adulteration cases

Causing health hazards and claims.

So, if you are looking for a reliable resource to share your medico legal related workload, get in touch with team for efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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