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Outsourced Paralegal Services

Outsourced paralegal services involve contracting with a third-party provider like TLB to handle various legal support tasks and responsibilities typically performed by in-house paralegals. TLB is a specialized firm that employ paralegals with expertise in different areas of law.

Here are some common paralegal services which are typically outsourced to TLB

Legal Research

TLB Paralegals can conduct legal research on specific issues, case law, statutes, and regulations. They can gather relevant information, analyze legal precedents, and provide summaries or briefs to assist attorneys in their case preparation.

Document Preparation and Review:

TLB Paralegals can assist with drafting, reviewing, and proofreading legal documents such as contracts, agreements, pleadings, motions, and correspondence. They ensure documents comply with legal formatting and assist with the organization and management of document databases.

Case Management:

TLB Paralegals can help manage case files, organize documents, and evidence, and maintain electronic or physical filing systems. They may assist in preparing trial notebooks, exhibit lists, and witness binders, and support attorneys during hearings, depositions, or trials.

Discovery Support:

TLB Paralegals can assist with the discovery process, including drafting and responding to discovery requests, organizing, and managing document productions, and preparing privilege logs. They may also assist with e-discovery, utilizing specialized software and tools.

Contract Management

TLB Paralegals can help with contract management tasks, such as reviewing contracts, identifying key terms and risks, maintaining contract databases, and tracking contract deadlines and obligations.

Corporate Governance Support:

TLB Paralegals can provide assistance with corporate governance matters, including preparing board meeting minutes, drafting resolutions, maintaining corporate records, and assisting with compliance-related tasks.

Intellectual Property Support:

TLB Paralegals with expertise in intellectual property law can assist with tasks such as trademark searches, patent filings, copyright registrations, and maintaining intellectual property portfolios.

Immigration Support:

TLB Paralegals can provide support in immigration matters, including completing immigration forms, gathering supporting documentation, and assisting with visa applications or petitions.

By outsourcing paralegal services to TLB, law firms and legal departments can access specialized expertise, scale their resources as needed, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. It allows attorneys to focus on core legal work while leveraging the support of qualified paralegals for various legal tasks.

Why Outsource Paralegal Support Services to TLB?

Outsourcing paralegal support offers several benefits to law firms and legal departments:

Cost savings

Outsourcing paralegal support to TLB can be more cost-effective than hiring and maintaining an in-house paralegal team. By outsourcing to TLB, organizations can avoid costs associated with salaries, benefits, training, office space, equipment, and other overhead expenses.

Scalability and flexibility

Outsourcing to TLB allows for flexibility in scaling paralegal resources based on workload fluctuations or specific project requirements. During peak periods or when facing a sudden increase in caseload, organizations can quickly ramp up paralegal support without the need for long-term commitments.

Access to specialized expertise

Outsourcing to TLB provides access to a pool of paralegals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in various areas of law. Organizations can tap into this specialized knowledge without having to invest in extensive training or hiring full-time paralegals with specific skill sets.

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

TLB Paralegal support can help streamline legal operations, increase efficiency, and improve overall productivity. TLB Paralegals are experienced in handling routine legal tasks, document management, research, and administrative duties, allowing attorneys to focus on higher-level legal work.

Focus on core legal work

By outsourcing paralegal support to TLB, attorneys and legal professionals can devote more time and attention to their core legal work, such as strategy, client counseling, case management, and courtroom advocacy. TLB Paralegals handle the time-consuming tasks, freeing up attorneys to focus on matters that require their expertise.

Access to advanced technology and resources

TLB Outsourced paralegal service providers often have access to advanced legal technology, research databases, and document management systems. Leveraging these tools can improve efficiency, accuracy, and the quality of work delivered.

Reduced administrative burden

TLB Paralegals can assist with administrative tasks, such as organizing documents, managing calendars, and maintaining case files. By outsourcing these administrative responsibilities to TLB, attorneys can minimize their administrative workload and allocate their time more effectively.

Increased agility and competitiveness

Outsourcing to TLB paralegal support allows organizations to stay agile and competitive in a rapidly changing legal landscape. They can quickly adapt to new projects, expand their services, and meet client demands without being constrained by limited in-house resources.

It's Important

"It's important to note that outsourcing paralegal support does not replace the need for qualified attorneys. Rather, it complements legal expertise by providing additional support and resources, enabling legal professionals to operate more efficiently and effectively."

TLBs Paralegal Services

We at TLB understand the burden an attorney or a lawyer goes through. That is why we offer custom paralegal support services that are specially designed to suit your unique needs. Below mentioned are our portfolio of paralegal services that can be outsourced to us.


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