The Increasing Demand for ALSPs for providing Legal Tech Solutions

Legal Tech

The ever-evolving technology has proved effective in increasing the daily productivity of law offices and law departments by the day and it is no different for the LPOs. Innovative and useful tools are being developed by the newer alternative legal service providers to get the jobs done faster for the law firms. The attorneys and […]

Manual or AI/Process Automation – Which one is preferred in the legal industry today? 

Legal Industry

When covid struck and an unprecedented pandemic situation gripped the world, law firms, lawyers and law departments across the globe knew that they must work beyond the rigid traditional methods to make sure their businesses weren’t impeded. While the Attorneys and General Counsels have long accepted the Artificial Intelligence methods or process automations to get […]

Seeking for an ALSP to help and advise you on Trusts, Wills and Guardianship? 


The fundamentals of wills, trusts and guardianship are some of the basic knowledge that an Attorney needs when they seek assistance from an outsourcing partner. Any alternative legal outsourcing partner offering services relating to planning of property or estates ought to know the opportunities and risks associated in this field. When it comes to choosing […]

Round the Clock Assistance with Transcription Services by Industry Experts

Transcription Services

The legal transcription industry is expanding rapidly especially with the growing new age technologies. As transcribing audio files is a cumbersome process, more and more law firms are depending on companies that specialize in turning around these assignments faster at reasonable rates. The Legal Base (“TLB”) can transcribe cumbersome audio and digital files at very […]

Expert Assistance with Legal Research and Prepping Trial Documents

Trial Documents 

Meaningful legal research is truly necessary to win a case. It is a significant file to support any legal decision-making for your case. As every country is governed by their own sets of law, many law firms or corporates do not feel comfortable to outsource the legal research work unless they are sure that the […]

Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

Outsourcing of Paralegal Services – Why India is a Preferred destination? The paralegals or the legal assistants, though not lawyers, are highly qualified people in a law firm. While essentially, they work as subordinates of the attorneys, but they know all the case files to their last details. They support the attorneys at every stage […]

Legal Process Outsourcing

legal solutions

How LPOs have blended well as offshore Partners and a Great Career Choice Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a high-end knowledge offshoring business that has been rapidly growing over the years and India has emerged as the dominant player in this business space. India distinguishes itself in offering high quality and comprehensive solutions and services at a single location […]

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management – A Key Business Enabler for LPOs Clients are the heart and soul of all business relationships. An organization with stable client relationships sees greater growth and success with assignments and projects than where they aren’t given importance. Clients help in building a better reputation of the organization’s brand. Generally, the job […]