Commercial Outcomes of Digital Transformation – Uniting People and Tech

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation has made the working of the organizations way more efficient than before by opening up new avenues. The innovations with this transformation were accepted well because it offered superior quality business models. Technology accelerated the turnaround time of daily tasks. This helped the business grow multi-fold more than ever. However, technology cannot be […]

Non-Compete Agreements – Specialized Team that help in its enforceability

non compete agreements

The non-compete agreements are extremely complicated especially when courts have to look at their enforceability. These types of agreements prohibit specific individuals such as employees, from involving themselves in occupations that could compete with the businesses after an employment cease with an organization or firm. Most companies now put this clause in the employment or […]

Contract Renewals – The stage where customer retention is the biggest challenge

Contract Renewals

Contract renewal is the last stage in the contract lifecycle. This is the most challenging stage as many contracts are not renewed after expiry as per the statistics. You need real time experience to negotiate with a client to streamline their contract renewal processes’ phase. Around the time of a contract renewal period, many look for […]