Commercial Outcomes of Digital Transformation – Uniting People and Tech

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation has made the working of the organizations way more efficient than before by opening up new avenues. The innovations with this transformation were accepted well because it offered superior quality business models. Technology accelerated the turnaround time of daily tasks. This helped the business grow multi-fold more than ever. However, technology cannot be the stand-alone solution or replace people. Technology, People and Processes have to work in tandem to have for a company to make profits. The most successful business formats scaled up their in-house talents by training the staff on technology and equipping them to enhance productivity. The next-generation solutions came with tight security policies too to ensure security of data.  

The need increased during the Pandemic  

Digital Transformation was most helpful when pandemic gripped the world. The organizations which were already ahead with new technologies, were able to cope up with these unprecedented situations better. Others, had to immediately invest in it to ensure the running of business weren’t affected. The tech smart organizations were better equipped for their broad scale data analytics and business intelligence analysis. Statistically, they were more powered to handle the complex situations post covid.   

The trends that were followed faster than others 

Market analysis showed there were some trends that were followed faster than others. AI tools were used to upgrade systems and power the business strategies. Companies like Microsoft and Zoom upgraded their platforms to include analysis and patterns that could evaluate data structures. Real-time statistics could be analyzed and companies found it way easier to track the assignments than that was done manually. Organizations didn’t have to depend on external parties to get the requisite data. Files could be transferred easily, and clients could track the status of their work too like they were in their physical office. These platforms also ensured customized solutions that could even help predict a lot of things for an organization. The law firms traditionally were not so much for outsourcing but the firms that did gained immensely as work never stopped for them. Offices had to be shut down for lockdown but companies like TLB that has its own tech team to provide solutions and process automation created less impact for their clients.   

Employees and Leadership Teams stayed connected! 

Remote access was easy, and employees stayed connected with each other. Physical offices became redundant and remained operational only for logistics. The employees could work from anywhere and also didn’t have to take leaves for the necessary quarantine periods. The managers could track the work live and team meetings were not impeded. The day-today regular activities went on as normally as possible while no none was meeting physically.   

TLB’s Edge! 

The legal process outsourcing industry was also badly impacted by the pandemic but the ones that were technology pro could manage it really well. TLB, for example, enhanced the technology processes at their end to help clients in not having hinderance to their businesses. The team was smart in adopting the newer technology because they were already well trained in the digital solutions that are available in the market. TLB as an organization has been data-driven from the beginning therefore the processes have always taken precedence to ensure best services are provided to the customers.  

However, TLB still relies in the unconventional practices but uses them with modern capabilities. For example, assignments like the deposition summaries or medical summaries, were still done manually. Technology was not used because it is well-known that here the data will not be accurate whatsoever if they are automated. However, digital processes were used to check the certain quality aspects in relation to language, grammar and spellings using the most modern methods to save time and costs.  

TLB has an exclusive market research analyst team that analyses the legal trends in the US markets. The team focuses on everything legal, including legal-tech. The team analyzed the need of the hour for the law firms and developed capabilities accordingly by adopting all the latest technologies. The team’s research showed about US law firms were looking for outsourcing partners that had process automation services offerings along with other services.

TLB could aid law firms by providing support 24/7 during the pandemic due to their robust in-house tech team that built grounds for the staff to work seamlessly even from remote towns.  

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