Case Management Solutions for various practice areas in a focused manner by TLB

Case Management Solutions

The Legal Base (“TLB”) offers complete Case Management Solutions from the beginning of a case. These solutions include secretarial, paralegal and legal services. The team is built on domain expertise in these areas of laws, and a very high-quality work is delivered. They constantly work on improving upon their skills through various courses and trainings. The team keeps up scaling through their learnings from the attorneys and paralegals and from news and business updates. TLB’s team manage all aspects of the methodologies involved in a case lifecycle. They can assist you with high-end tasks like soliciting, creation of documents, negotiation, administration, and everyday maintenance of files and simple tasks like billing summaries, filings, and updating files. The support that you receive is from our solid LPO knowledge and intelligence that have been gained through years of experience on this subject.  

We have always delivered work that have exceeded expectations. Our expertise includes tracking progress of all your contracts and master agreements, ensuring the contracts are upto date with timelines, amendments, related collaterals, approvals, resources, documentations, procedures, and all other potential necessities around them. While many LPOs just focus on the residue work of the law firms or lower end tasks, TLB’s contract attorneys can also draft contracts for you from the scratch. They also have huge expertise in providing drafts for mergers and acquisition agreements for high-end and complex deals. Our team creates standardized templates for quick references that can be enhanced basis the requirements of a deal. This reduces the turnaround time considerably and the associated costs thereby.

Our Personal Injury and Medicolegal Services are at par with the services of any US or UK law firm. The team has been working in this field for 18+ years with added advantage of working for Indian medicolegal laws and live cases. This includes the niche area of forensic analysis too. The team tries to mitigate all your risks from the very beginning, i.e., from the intake stage. If the case has no reasonability in it, the team can advise you accordingly so that your time is saved.  The team has expertise also of speaking with your clients directly.  They are well versed with the US and UK accents so that they can understand your end clients well.  The team has comprehensive knowledge in the field of medicolegal and the processes associated with them. Our cost-effective solution models for several law firms, attorneys and legal departments have been chalked out after a careful thought process that focusses not just only on costs but value-adds. TLB tries to reduce the effort of all teams in a law firm to ensure they truly benefit from partnering with TLB and not having just another LPO-Law firm outsourcing services relationship. The quality of the services is worth a try through their medical summary and demand letter writing services!  

Similarly, TLB’s Immigration team are experts in handling immigration intakes and drafting assignments across geographies. The market is full of companies that support with immigration services but knowing the end-to-end services of an immigration law firm is a specialized area that is gained only through the ground experience. While immigration laws are inherently dynamic and changes as per the new government’s policies, the core task remains the same.  Having such visibilities over these new policies is a huge challenge and can be worked upon through solid experience in this area. The labor market changes frequently, and the pressures and concerns are always there to protect their rights. To illustrate the complexity of these issues, we research on these topics regularly and substantiate with examples while making a case. We include the policies also if that is necessary and process the work accordingly.   

The same goes for estate planning, trusts and wills drafting services. Knowing drafting is not a difficult task but understanding the emotions of each client while drafting these documents is the leading test. A person’s lifelong earnings has to be divided and the rightful heirs have to be justified with their shares. The principle is not just making a will but legitimizing the appropriate distribution of the same. Again, this is gained by drafting thousands of such documents or having huge experience of working with the law firms and attorneys practicing in the estate planning or elder law areas. Would you like to test our services?