Demand Letter Writing Services that give you Maximum Amount in the Settlement 

Demand Letter

The Legal Base (‘TLB”) team of professionals have written about 75K Demand Letters to date for small, mid and large law firms and for single attorneys.  These letters are written in the formats provided by the law firms. The team is also well capable of creating a template for you that is the most accurate one for your state. TLB writes the Demand Letters using attorneys who are not pricey and they are high performing practising lawyers of the country. The team ensures that you save hours of your time and huge bills on writing demand letters, which is the most crucial letter in the settlement stage.  We share all the templates with our clients so that they can chose the best one that suits their practice. We strongly advocate the fact that a well-written demand letter can be far more effective than just speaking with someone. A simple demand letter sometimes needs strong wordings to just make sure it is the most successful argument for your client. As we are all aware, in the legal field a strong worded document is the most powerful tool to win your case. TLB’s team can write demand letters for all kinds of law firms and practice areas across geographis. While most of the experience of the team comes from the medicolegal field but the exceptional quality of this team is that they can write a demand letter for a contract lawyer too.

Any dispute that happens between two parties, you end up in a lawsuit most likely than not, especially because the citizens of US, UK and Canada are quite assertive about their rights. This is one thing which the whole world acknowledges and appreciates. Pursuing your case and helping a client to get justice is the great satisfaction per se. However, the clients need to know the right path so that they can get the maximum benefit from a loss. The work of an attorney is to ensure to put the clients back on the same pedestal such that nothing had really happened. The physical and emotional pain cannot really lessen and the trauma too. However, one can ascertain that the clients get the maximum compensation, especially if it is a personal injury case. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to put strong wordings in your demand letter stating why the other party owes the money and how settling the case is a better approach than going to the court of law. 

While writing the demand letters, the team is well aware that the other party and the insurance company knows the exact story but putting your points convincingly that your client is actually a victim is an art that the team is now well versed after writing over 75K demand letters. The team is thoroughly aware how to use the adverse pointers in the demand to make sure those don’t deter the amount of the compensation.

The team well understands that your client’s demand letter is not a complaint letter, but it is a serious letter that has to make sure that your case in the pre-litigation stage is stronger than the other party. How your letter is drafted or how things are communicated is therefore is of the utmost significance. The team can gauge documents and let you know if it is a BI or a UM or an UIM letter. Accordingly, they proceed with the documents and the draft. In fact, the team keeps these drafts ready well ahead of time. The team is also capable of preparing various types of medical summaries that is used in the demand letter. The team is strong in medical malpractice and forensic analysis cases too.  They can create reports simultaneously with the demand letters which is a value addition that the law firms appreciate. The team will securely take the data from you and share the final drafts in a secured manner. The team will make sure that the documents are HIPPA compliant before it comes to them.  

You can reach out to our team and fix a meeting to see our templates and engagement model.