Medical Chronologies

The Legal Base’s medical chronologies are essentially an analysis

It is widely considered that a patient’s diagnosis is revealed in the history narrated by him or her. However, a true interpretation of what is troubling the client and how the injuries evolved over time is crucial in every case. It is but challenging to decipher the same from the voluminous hospital records. Sometimes just one record can make all the difference!

TLB is conscious of this fact so they have hired a superior team of medical doctors who are dedicated to doing the medical chronologies for the US and UK law firms and hospitals. They have the practice, patience and understanding of writing the most comprehensive and accurate medical chronologies. They ‘pin down’ exactly what a client means by a particular statement.

This is very useful where there is a psychological origin for physical symptoms, of which the client may be unconscious, but their description of the subjective complaints could be hinting at it.  The team has produced many hundreds of chronologies, in various formats containing all the key information that needs to be included in a good chronology.

The team also makes an analysis to add value to the chronologies so you quickly uncover the critical insights about your case.  The team avoids incorrect assumptions, which comes from their expertise of an understanding of the legal and medical principles and from a high degree of focus.  We save your time and bring clarity to what usually could be a multifaceted and complex series of facts.  

  • Tabular format 
  • Narrative format 
  • Excel Format  
  • Bates Stamped Format 
  • Organization of records in chronological order 
  • Billing Summary 
  • Comparison of injuries from multiple incidents 

With experience of working with numerous law firms in various formats, TLB’s team ensures that the chronology report saves your time, effort, and costs. Additionally, it helps you in settling your cases and prevail at trials. At the least, TLB turns around loads of unnecessary work for you and your staff at a much faster pace.   

  • Everyone in the law firm is quickly able to understand a case in trial. 
  • The ability to free up in-house paralegals and attorneys to focus on core professional commitments  
  • Improve efficiency and turn-around time for law firms and ensure long term cost reductions