Privilege Logs – A crucial litigation document for law firms 

Privilege Logs

Privilege Log is a litigation document wherein certain documents are withheld from Disclosure in accordance with C.R.C.P. 26(b) (3) and 26(b) (5). As the Privilege logs are filed directly in the Court of Law, outsourcing them for faster turnaround of the records is being slowly considered as the top preference by the law firms. As the privilege log is time bound, completing them on time has been a huge challenge so law firms are seeking cost effective but quality-based outsourcing options. The TLB’s medicolegal team has a team of skilled doctors who vet the details of the medical treatments undergone by a plaintiff and redact the unrelated things to the fact in issue. The team puts together the strongest logs to ensure your client’s privileged data are safe and redacted from all the documents.

TLB’s Team’s Approach 

The benefit of a privilege log created by TLB are many. It helps the attorneys to keep a track of privileges which they are asserting in response to discovery requests, the point in time that the privilege is asserted and documents the circumstances surrounding their communication of the privilege to the opposing party. Using the log created by TLB, attorneys can keep themselves honest by requiring them to put a finer point on their privilege assertions. The maximum of the benefit that attorneys will derive is from the fact that the opposing party will not have an opportunity to come back later and seek sanctions and, that if they do the court will have documentation from which to decide in the practitioner’s favor. TLB takes systematic approach to create a Privilege Log and the steps are adhered to as per the checklist:

  • The team takes the Cause Title for the Privilege Log from the relevant documents 
  • The team goes through nitty gritties of the medical records and highlight/redact the un-related facts 
  • The team arranges the log in a chronological manner making sure all the pertinent data is included. 
  • The team can put the page numbers or bates number of the relevant records accurately in another document to make sure you know which pages have been redacted. 
  •  The redacted info is put and each and every body part and/or different treatments undergone by the Plaintiff which are unrelated to the incident is well explained to avoid confusions or any contradictions. 
  • As mostly a part information is redacted from the medical records, such information, which is unrelated to the fact in issue is redacted and named as partly privileged. 

Related Documents that are prepped 

TLB Medico Legal Team is extremely skilled at prepping all the related documents along side the Privilege Logs. These documents are prepared simultaneously to save costs and time and law firms have benefitted immensely from these combined services. The team can prepare, medical summaries or chronologies, demand letters, billing summaries, prepare an excel sheet listing the documents received, Injuries summaries, economic and non-economic damages summaries, missing documents list, client communication letters and can generate all relevant letters in the case management tool including the HIPAA letters.  

Data Security and maintenance of confidentiality 

A medical record, which is a systematic documentation of a patient’s medical history and care.  is used both for the physical folder for each individual patient and for the body of information which comprises the total of each patient’s health history. Medical records are extremely personal documents and there are many ethical and legal issues surrounding them such as the degree of third-party access and appropriate storage and disposal. Therefore, TLB takes utmost care of the medical records and ensures that all the records are stored in the cloud server. The transfer of the documents is also done securely to make sure nothing in the contract is breached. The law firms can also track the work live by access provided by TLB and meet the team and know their profiles as well. Medical records are usually disorganized and have to be organized and then summarized in chronological order.  TLB’s team can very well decipher and review the medical records that may include EMS reports, ER/ED record, nursing notes, physician notes, admission/history & physical, consultation/evaluation reports, diagnostics reports, procedure/operative/surgery reports, medication administration record, treatment records, prescriptions, therapy notes, flow sheets, discharge summary, discharge instructions, and other progress notes.

If you wish to know more about our approach, kindly do reach out to us and know the further benefits of engaging with TLB’s medicolegal team.