End-to-End Case Intake Services that help you in key business benefits 

Intake Services

An accurate case intake process helps you to know your case better. It provides insightful info about a new case or even an ongoing case. A case intake can be done either manually in the case management tools or by the usage of artificial intelligence. The cases filed in these tools can be new ones or also brought or referred by other law firms.

The Legal Base (“TLB”) has a dedicated Case Intake team that can provide end-to-end case intake services remotely. Young and enthusiast regular graduates and law graduates form the team. The team has prior experience of working in Alternative Legal Service Industry and the Business Process Outsourcing Industry. As we service to the English-speaking nations, the Case Intake Team at TLB undergo a robust training on soft skills and English accent along with other relevant training. They also undergo a training that is conducted by the law firms and then communicate with your clients as a part of your law firm.  

The TLB Case Intake Team works for law firms and lawyers that practice Personal Injury/Medicolegal, Contract law, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate or Business Laws, Estate Planning, Immigration, Property Law, Elder Law, Mass Torts, Tax Law, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security or Disability Laws, Bankruptcy, Employment Laws, Forensic Analysis, Insurance Law, Commercial Litigation, Clinical Negligence, Medical Malpractice, and more. They file the cases and are also specialized in keeping a track of all the documents coming in to the law firm and also that needs to go out. They update client tabs, other party tabs, contact details, the insurance info, the case retainer info, witness info, vehicle info, injuries info, contact details, the family info, etc. Once they file the case, they transfer all the documents received by various communications channels into the case management tools or the artificial intelligence tools. They can extract, rename, or make copies of original scans and share at the appropriate channels. The files or activities that are high in risk and complexity, requiring high levels of expertise and/or are critical to the progress of the matter are handled by the senior members of the team who have 10+ years of experience in handling case intakes and case management tools. For missing documents, the team is well trained at calling the clients, hospitals, medical facilities, doctors’ clinics, insurance companies, and other organizations to make sure the case files are up to date. Through their years of experience, they have gained enough experience to understand the different fact sheets, the various subheadings, case retrieval process and the parties involved in the case. Another uniqueness of the TLB’s case intake process is that, if the team services for the medicolegal law firm or estate planning law firm, then, they are guided by TLB’s medicolegal team or estate planning team respectively. 

TLB’s Case Management team can quickly extract information from any content that has no structure or are sent haphazardly by the clients or various institutions. The team is large and can turnaround any volume of documents and on a daily basis. The medical records most of the time need a very competent way of handling them as they can be confusing. Filing them appropriately under prior, current and subsequent tabs are extremely crucial, which the team can do it very swiftly. The team is also capable of finding and notifying the duplicity of records. Verifying the data sometimes can also be very complex but TLB’s team are trained professionals and can effortlessly look into them and save them correctly. They keep a track of all the documents and notify the attorneys of the timelines. They prepare the letters well ahead in time so that there is no last-minute rush. As the team is guided by a team of in-house lawyers, they are up to date with the statute of limitations so you never miss out on deadlines. They also are capable of fielding questions and clarifying them whenever the case requires. They can speak with your prospects and understand if the case is relevant or not to your practice area or interest. We also have a well-defined plan to prioritize the cases and highlight the same to you. 

TLB being a technology driven organization, we can assist you in making your processes by faster for faster turnaround and impeccable quality work. It is vital always for us to keep your data safe, so TLB’s team works in a secured environment and uses secured technologies to access your data, which you can keep a track of too.