Seeking for an ALSP to help and advise you on Trusts, Wills and Guardianship? 


The fundamentals of wills, trusts and guardianship are some of the basic knowledge that an Attorney needs when they seek assistance from an outsourcing partner. Any alternative legal outsourcing partner offering services relating to planning of property or estates ought to know the opportunities and risks associated in this field.

When it comes to choosing a Legal Process Outsourcing company, it is important to verify that the team’s concepts are clear as regards properties, trusts and wills. TLB has created a repository which answers almost all frequently asked questions relating to estates, inheritance, beneficiaries, gifts, transfer of property, probates, trusts and wills. This was done keeping in mind that obtaining all these responses and answers is intimidating and daunting a task to say the least. TLB has qualified lawyers that specialize in Estates and the related practice and have prepared this repository. They can assist you with various things like, gathering documents, drafting, speaking with your clients, handling the social media platforms, chalking out plans and providing solutions. Even if the task is for a small property or estate, it is important that a proper planning is done else it may become confusing later or may not be appropriately passed upon, especially where there are multiple beneficiaries.  

In the past few decades, a lot of families and individuals have seen a lot of prosperity or have been able to make a lot of properties and estate. This is basically due to easy access to financial assistance and advice. Therefore, individuals and the intended beneficiaries are looking at quick solutions and want to minimize the court proceedings to save time and money. Preserving wealth is non-negotiable as a lot of hard work goes into making them. Wealth doesn’t come easily in one’s lifetime, but we can at least pass it on to the beneficiaries without having to face any hassles or stumbling blocks. The unforeseen eventualities are not in anyone’s hand and so it is important to factor in these while planning your wills and trusts. There can be many claimants, and this can also lead to a lot of disputes, so it is pertinent to plan everything while the testator is alive. As different geographies have different laws and different ways of planning, TLB’s expert team knows well all these areas. They can easily also adapt to any new law having huge amount of practical experience. Anticipating how to do the planning can be overwhelming if you have a large estate. Sometimes, there can be joint or multiple ownerships and that is a huge challenge when you execute such a will. TLB’s team go through every document thoroughly relating to the estates and properties of the testator and establish a comprehensive plan that makes sure all the legitimate heirs get their due. They can also do a due diligence on the heirs and help the testator in deciding the successors. All estates and properties have certain kind of emotions attached to them and it is extremely difficult to plan this for many individuals. TLB’s team knows how to take these things into consideration while helping your clients to plan their trusts and wills. They document these assets that includes all the factors and conditions provided by the testator while making sure the inheritance is planned reasonably. One another important aspect is planning your clients’ retirements in which a lot of things needs to be considered.  For this, TLB’s teams have made a thorough study and prepared a guide that can help your clients in coming up with the best solutions. 

The goal of TLB’s team is to make sure everyone, including the minors are given their due too. This substantially reduces your costs, time and expenses as TLB’s team can make your complex work simple. TLB’s team can directly access your systems remotely from here and work on the documents or they can also work on tools that you might have subscribed to. Alternately, you can share the documents via secured platforms and keep a track of every job done by the TLB team.  

The team can help you also with probate proceedings for different jurisdictions. They frequently work on executing wills for clients for various geographies. They can work on all the advanced technologies to save your time.  Contact us for finding easy solutions to multiply your business.